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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hallway Renovation - Wallpaper

Once the painting was finished in our hallway the wallpaper was ready to be put up.

The wallpaper we selected was from COLE & SON

I loved the wallpaper for it's over sized bold design & colour.

The repeat of the design was quite large so we did find there was a lot of wastage.

We only wallpapered the left hand side wall to give a modern feel.

The right hand side wall was painted in a soft grey to match the background colour of the wallpaper.

The staircase hand rail & decorative pole was looking a little tired.

It was given a light sand and re-varnished.

The wallpaper continues from the ground floor up to the first floor.

Now that the hallway has been painted & wallpapered, it's time to choose new carpet.

We went to Carpet Right & selected a few carpet swatches to bring home to see how they worked with our new hallway.

We selected a soft but hard wearing twist carpet in a medium grey / taupe colour that works really well with the colour of the wallpaper & paint.

The carpet fitters have been to measure up and the carpet has been ordered, we're just waiting for them to come and fit the carpet in the next couple of weeks.

Also waiting for our new light fittings to arrive.

We're keeping the chandelier upstairs as it is but will have 2 new light fittings downstairs.

I've selected these lovely smoke colour glass stone pendant lights from Next.

More photos to follow once the final touches are in.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hallway Renovation has begun

The hallway renovations have begun.

The wallpaper has been ordered & the paint has been chosen (after testing every shade of  grey available)!!

The first thing we had to do was strip the existing wallpaper from the walls.

We were able to get this done in a couple of days, it's quite easy with a wallpaper steamer.

Removing the wallpaper revealed a lovely shade of pink... 

Once the wallpaper had been stripped our builder prepared the walls.

Filling & plastering where required to make the walls as smooth as possible for painting & wallpapering.

Once the preparation of the walls was finished our builder was able to begin the painting

All woodwork doors & frames, skirting, staircase railings were all painted in white eggshell finish.

The ceiling & coving were also painted white.

The walls on the right hand side of the property (when walking in) were all painted in a soft pale grey.

On the left hand side wall above the dado rail we intended to wallpaper.

The reason we chose to wallpaper the right hand side wall only was because it gives a more modern feel rather than wallpapering the entire hallway which would look too traditional and overwhelming with the over sized design we had selected (and possibly the fact that the wallpaper was £85 per roll!!)...

After testing every shade of grey possible, we ended up getting a very good colour match to the base colour of our wallpaper made up at our local paint specialists - Chris Stevens  

Once all the painting was finished, the last thing to do was put the wallpaper up... 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Hallway Decorating Ideas

This is the entrance to our house.

We haven't yet decorated our hallway, it is exactly as it was when we purchased the property.

When we first viewed this property I immediately fell in love with the Victorian charm, the beautiful stained glass in the front door, the cornice detailing and the decorative wall paneling.

Cornice & Decorative Wall Paneling

I also quite liked the traditional wallpaper, but since having lived here for awhile now, the hallway is looking a little tired and much too yellowish beige for my liking.

It's definitely in need of a freshen up.

 This is the upstairs landing and is completely covered with the same traditional wallpaper as featured downstairs.

I went to my go to design idea source Pinterest & started my Hallway Ideas board.

I loved the look of these two hallways as they are both quite modern & fresh looking.

Although I still love the idea of wallpaper & wanted something a little more bold.

I first looked at this tree wallpaper by Cole & Son (as I have a couple of rolls left over from our previous property) & I am still obsessed with it.

I also really liked this striking Black & White graphic wallpaper
'Minaret' by Osborne & Little

However these bold graphic wallpaper designs really don't work with the decorative wall paneling which features throughout our entire hallway.

Therefore I started searching for less graphic designs.

I ordered loads of swatches (I could probably wallpaper an entire wall out of patchwork wallpaper with the amount of swatches I have!!)

I quite liked the above 4 designs so I painted the decorative wall paneling white to see how a contrast would work (it didnt!!).

I then painted a section to match wallpaper 1 - didn't like that either!! 

We've finally decided on the below option no. 4

It's from Cole & Son, Albermarle Collection 'Baudelaire'

It has a nice neutral background with a metallic print.

It's bold yet still traditional so works perfectly with the decorative paneling

We've decided not to wallpaper the entire hallway, as that would just be replacing one traditional wallpaper with an updated version.

Instead we'll make a feature of this wallpaper & only paper the left hand side of the hallway & the entire way up the stairs / landing area.

This will give a more modern feel.

The decorative wall paneling will be painted in a matching colour to the background of the wallpaper.

Will update you once it's done!!