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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Britannia Best Cirrus Extractor Hood BE-CI-11-SS

The extractor for our new kitchen has arrived!!

SIZE: 1100mm x 700mm

This extractor is designed to sit flush in the ceiling and motor between the ceiling joists, it is ducted externally.

We wanted a flush ceiling extractor as our hob had been designed to sit in the island in the centre of the room.

We really weren't keen on a drop down ceiling extractor as we were installing lovely new bay doors at the back of the house and we didn't want to block the view we had created.

You can watch the video of how it works here, very impressive, can't wait to get this up

Our builder will be building a drop down suspended ceiling to hold the extractor, similar to below image.


Below is the frame our builder has made for the drop down ceiling.

The extractor has proven to be quite difficult to fit.

The instructions for the extractor were very limited and really needed to have more detail.

The position of the extractor is determined by the position of your ceiling joists because the frame legs & motor on the extractor are in a fixed position and cannot be moved.

Our builder had to cut the frame legs as the motor & legs could not all fit within the joists.

We were lucky that our kitchen had been designed to have a drop down ceiling because there is absolutely no way that this extractor would sit flush in any ceiling.

Reason being is that the motor height is taller than any ceiling joists.

This should be made clear when purchasing the product as I have read several reviews from customer who have been caught out by this.

The frame now has the plasterboard attached and edges built up.

The drop down ceiling has now been plastered

Regardless of the headache this extractor caused our builder trying to fit, it is looking great.

Will update again once our electrician has connected and it is up and running.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kitchen Window transformation

As explained in our previous post 'planning the kitchen renovation'

our plan was to brick up the current back door & install a new window and change the current bay window into bay doors entering to the garden.

You can view the plan here:

Our house is an old Victorian house and all of the windows are single pane sashes, extremely inefficient at keeping the house heated (and currently costing us a fortune in gas bills!!)

We decided on UPVC windows & doors over timber because of their durability, efficiency, double glazing & multiple locking mechanism security features.

We did investigate other window frame options including aluminium as these are thinner frames than UPVC, however they are approx 20% more expensive.

We were on a budget and for the extra money we decided it wasn't worth it so settled on the UPVC.

The new doors & windows have now been installed.

Bay Window

Bay Window has been removed & boarded up

Bay Window removed, roof is beng supported


Bay Window has now been replaced with floor to ceiling / full length 
Bay Doors opening out to the garden

View from inside



The back door has been bricked up ready for a new window to be installed


New window has been made slightly smaller than the original door & window to enable us to put kitchen cupboards up on the end wall

Outside View of the new window

The windows & doors were supplied & installed by:

Lightening Windows Ltd
2 Warren Pond Road
Chingford, E4 6BD

Tel: 020 8524 1991 / 07956 214 742
Fax: 020 8524 3581


Derek was extremely helpful, happy to answer & explain thoroughly when I asked him a million questions!!

Sketches were provided for approval so all was clear as to what the end product would look like.

We would highly recommend Lightening Windows.