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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hallway Renovation - Wallpaper

Once the painting was finished in our hallway the wallpaper was ready to be put up.

The wallpaper we selected was from COLE & SON

I loved the wallpaper for it's over sized bold design & colour.

The repeat of the design was quite large so we did find there was a lot of wastage.

We only wallpapered the left hand side wall to give a modern feel.

The right hand side wall was painted in a soft grey to match the background colour of the wallpaper.

The staircase hand rail & decorative pole was looking a little tired.

It was given a light sand and re-varnished.

The wallpaper continues from the ground floor up to the first floor.

Now that the hallway has been painted & wallpapered, it's time to choose new carpet.

We went to Carpet Right & selected a few carpet swatches to bring home to see how they worked with our new hallway.

We selected a soft but hard wearing twist carpet in a medium grey / taupe colour that works really well with the colour of the wallpaper & paint.

The carpet fitters have been to measure up and the carpet has been ordered, we're just waiting for them to come and fit the carpet in the next couple of weeks.

Also waiting for our new light fittings to arrive.

We're keeping the chandelier upstairs as it is but will have 2 new light fittings downstairs.

I've selected these lovely smoke colour glass stone pendant lights from Next.

More photos to follow once the final touches are in.