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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Kitchen Progress - Down lights, Tap / Water, Mirror Splash back installed

It's been a few weeks but we're on the home stretch, just a few finishing touches and we're down.

The water has now been connected and our lovely 'Blanco' sink & 'Spire' pull out tap has been installed.

The tap pulls out to enable you to wash out the sink.

The electricians have fitted the 27 down lights in our kitchen.
Everyone thought I was crazy to have so many lights but I wanted all over lighting rather than small pockets of lighting that down lights tend to give.

The 27 lights have been put onto 3 different circuits and also on dimmer switches so we can have more control over the level of lighting required.

The wires hanging from the drop down ceiling are for the decorative pendant lights which have been ordered.
These should be fitted in the next week or so.

The dark grey / smoke mirror splash backs have been installed this week and they look amazing!!

The mirror is not toughened glass so the electricians were advised to be extremely careful when screwing the plug sockets & light switches.

If put on too tight they could potentially crack the mirror.

We chose to order non toughened mirror because toughened mirror was much more expensive, approx 3 x more expensive.
Also the mirror was not going to be located near direct heat so it was not necessary to install toughened mirror. 

After shopping around and several quotes later, we chose to order the mirror splash back from: 

148 Ballards Lane, N3 2PA

Tel: 0208 349 4958

A new vertical sleek brushed silver radiator has been installed on the left hand side wall.

We're still missing 1 x door which will be delivered this weekend, the previous one arrived cracked so needed to be replaced.

The under stair extension is now a corner cupboard which has been built to house the washing machine & dryer.
Our builder will be painting and finishing this on the weekend.
We will be ordering matching kitchen cupboard doors to put on this cupboard.
The doors will sit within the frame and sit flush with the architrave. 

If you have seen the before photos, you will see how this change has really utilized wasted space.

 Brand Bosch Washing Machine, so quiet.

Access to under the stairs will now be directly from the hallway.

Our builder has cut out the hole for the door which needs to be made.

This weekend we'll be receiving our new bar stools, so we'll be able to sit and enjoy our new kitchen.

Looking forward to it!!