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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kitchen Appliance - NEFF Induction Hob T51D86X2

NEFF Flexi Induction Hob T51D86X2

Our Neff Induction hob was installed & connected yesterday.

We were swayed towards induction due to the speed it's able to heat and most certainly the safety aspect.

Firstly it looks great in our kitchen, very sleek.

We cooked our first meal on it last night, this was the first time I've ever used an induction hob.

I was extremely happy that Neff had a promotion at the time of purchase.
They supplied a free set of Induction pots/pans with the purchase of this induction hob.

Luckily otherwise I would have had to run out to buy all new pans as you can only use induction suitable pans.

I was quite impressed, it was very simple to use (considering I didn't even read the instructions first).

I boiled a full pot of cold water which started to boil extremely quickly,
much, much quicker than gas & electric.

I also cooked some marinated chicken breast, really easy to cook and control the heat.

The touch button panel was easy to use.
You press the button for the hob position you would like to use and then press the plus or minus button to control the heat.

It took a little getting use to, working out which number was the best temperature for different cooking methods, but it's just a matter of trial and error to get use to it.

There are 5 cooking zones on the hob, 1 being a flexi-zone which means that the pan can be placed anywhere on that section and it will be heated.

Overall I was very impressed with my new induction cooking experience & would highly recommend the Neff T51D86X2 Induction Hob.

Looking forward to many more nights of cooking & entertaining in our new kitchen!! 


  • Electronic control
  • 1 x zone with 2 usage possibilities: 2 single induction zones of 380cm2 or 1 flexible induction zone of 760 cm2
  • LED display for each zone
  • LED timer for each zone with switch off function and acoustic signal
  • Automatic pan recognition


    • 5 zone induction hob
    • 2 stage residual heat indicators
    • Control panel lock
    • Safety cut out facility
    • Control panel suspension
    • ReStart function
    • QuickStart function
    • Energy consumption display
    • Power management function


      • 802 mm wide
      • Bevel front
      • Touch control

        Optional accessories-

        • May be connected with Neff domino hobs via connecting links Z9914X0
        • Only saucepans made of ferrous metal are suitable for use on this hob