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Friday, 27 February 2015

Hallway Decorating Ideas

This is the entrance to our house.

We haven't yet decorated our hallway, it is exactly as it was when we purchased the property.

When we first viewed this property I immediately fell in love with the Victorian charm, the beautiful stained glass in the front door, the cornice detailing and the decorative wall paneling.

Cornice & Decorative Wall Paneling

I also quite liked the traditional wallpaper, but since having lived here for awhile now, the hallway is looking a little tired and much too yellowish beige for my liking.

It's definitely in need of a freshen up.

 This is the upstairs landing and is completely covered with the same traditional wallpaper as featured downstairs.

I went to my go to design idea source Pinterest & started my Hallway Ideas board.

I loved the look of these two hallways as they are both quite modern & fresh looking.

Although I still love the idea of wallpaper & wanted something a little more bold.

I first looked at this tree wallpaper by Cole & Son (as I have a couple of rolls left over from our previous property) & I am still obsessed with it.

I also really liked this striking Black & White graphic wallpaper
'Minaret' by Osborne & Little

However these bold graphic wallpaper designs really don't work with the decorative wall paneling which features throughout our entire hallway.

Therefore I started searching for less graphic designs.

I ordered loads of swatches (I could probably wallpaper an entire wall out of patchwork wallpaper with the amount of swatches I have!!)

I quite liked the above 4 designs so I painted the decorative wall paneling white to see how a contrast would work (it didnt!!).

I then painted a section to match wallpaper 1 - didn't like that either!! 

We've finally decided on the below option no. 4

It's from Cole & Son, Albermarle Collection 'Baudelaire'

It has a nice neutral background with a metallic print.

It's bold yet still traditional so works perfectly with the decorative paneling

We've decided not to wallpaper the entire hallway, as that would just be replacing one traditional wallpaper with an updated version.

Instead we'll make a feature of this wallpaper & only paper the left hand side of the hallway & the entire way up the stairs / landing area.

This will give a more modern feel.

The decorative wall paneling will be painted in a matching colour to the background of the wallpaper.

Will update you once it's done!!

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