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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bathroom Progress - Plastering, Tiling & Flooring

It's so nice to see the bathroom starting to lighten up, it was such a dark room before we started the renovations.

The new window lets in much more light than the previous.

The dark red wallpaper has been removed and the plastering has begun.

The pigeon hole to the left of the window is starting to take shape

The frame around the concealed toilet cistern has been built to support the tiling.
The wall to the left of the toilet is where the vanity / basin will positioned, it's not a solid wall so our builders have added timber beams behind the plaster board to support our wall hung vanity.

Once the plaster has dried completely the tiling will begin.

We've chosen natural Marble Bianco Carrara tiles 600mm x 300mm 
for the walls.

As a feature within the pigeon holes, we've chosen a mosaic tile 
300mm x 300mm as below:

When the tiling began, it soon became evident that they were really difficult tiles to work with.

When the tiles were cut, the edges were very rough & sharp, we thought there was a problem with the tiles we had bought.

We bought new blades for the tile cutter, searched online & spoke to our tile supplier to see how we could resolve the problem.

Apparently this is normal for natural marble tiles and a lot more time and effort is needed to get the edges of the tiles smooth ready to be used (much to the dismay of our tiler!!).

The only solution was to use a fine sand paper to sand each cut edge of the tile to achieve a smooth finish.

The timber shelves have been added to create our pigeon hole shelves.

The walls have been painted, we used the same colour as we used in our kitchen which worked really well.

It's Crown 'Soft Steel' for kitchens & bathrooms.

The feature mosaic tiles have been put up inside the pigeon hole shelves.

The end is now insight and the bathroom has taken on a brand new look, which is very exciting and looking forward to having it finished.