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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Our Main Bedroom DIY attempt

When we moved in back in October, the first thing I wanted to change was the colour of the walls in the main bedroom.

Although it looks great in the photo, the burgundy walls were just too dark.

We began our first attempt at DIY and bought the paint, new rollers, prepared the walls washing them down with sugar soap and covered the flooring.

Excited to transform this room we began painting, it soon became apparent that this could possibly take us forever.

No matter how many coats of paint we applied, the dark burgundy was still showing through!!

After 3 long days of struggling to achieve a decent finish, we accepted we needed a professional to give the finishing coat.

I reluctantly called our builder to arrange for someone to come and finish the room.

They did a great job and it was finished in a day.

We chose Dulux 'White mist', this is my go to colour, it's not a stark optical white, it has a slight grey tinge to it and we have painted many rooms in a previous property this colour & it has always worked.

During the painting our builders did find a damp issue underneath the bay window, one of the wooden sashes is rotten and we'll need to have it replaced (something we are still yet to address).

Here's the transformation...




There's still a few things to finish off eg: paint the bedside tables & add some more artwork to our walls to inject some colour.

Get the look:

Duvet: The White Company 

Bed: John Lewis

Wardrobe: Furniture Village -http://www.furniturevillage.co.uk/Inventory/Bedroom/Welle-System-300/4-door-wardrobe-with-polished-doors-8386.aspx

Mirror: Homesense

Touch Lamps: Homebase

Chest of Drawers: 2nd hand - Try searching ebay or the gumtree for similar

Dresser: 2nd hand Try searching ebay or the gumtree for similar

Chair: upcycled, an old chair I painted & reupholstered Try searching ebay or the gumtree for similar