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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kitchen Progress - Plastering, Underfloor Heating & Tiling

The self leveling compound is being laid below.

Self explanatory, this liquid is poured on and creates a level floor.

It needs to be left overnight and dries within approx 24 hours.

Once the self leveling compound was dry our builders laid the underfloor heating.

We purchased a brand called 'Comfort Zone' http://www.comfortzone.co/

After the underfloor heating was laid and secured, it was time for the tiles to be laid.

The tiles we selected are square approx 50cm x 50cm in a mottled grey colour.

Tiles were purchased from 'Home Tiles' http://www.home-tiles.co.uk/

The tiles have been grouted with a dark grey to match the colour of the tiles.

The walls & ceiling have been plastered and the frame for the drop down suspended ceiling that will hold the extractor has been built.

 The plaster is still drying, we're using an electric heater to try to speed up the process as the builders need to start painting in a couple of days.

 The tiles have now been polished and the kitchen is starting to resemble the beginnings of a room rather than the demolition site it's been for the last couple of months.