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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kitchen Progress - Electrics

The electrician has chased the walls in preparation to install the cables for power points & switches. 

The side wall has been prepared for the plumber to come and install the new boiler.
The boiler is being relocated from the bedroom directly above the kitchen.
It's old, noisy and very inefficient so looking forward to the lower gas bills once the new boiler is installed.

 The electrical cables have now been installed into the walls and also though the ceiling for all the new appliances & lighting to be installed.

 The new electrical cables have been installed from the kitchen through the hallway ceiling to the current fuse board.

The only way to install the cables, was to remove the hallway ceiling to access, hence the holes in the below images.

The holes will obviously be repaired by our builder once the kitchen is finished and all electrics are finished.